Saturday, 13 September 2014


Marian lives with her partner in England. Born and raised in the small market town of Lutterworth, which has its own claim to fame. She is the eldest of six children and the only girl. 
A 'Jack of all trades' and master of none. Into arts and crafts. (She really is Artful and Crafty).
A mother, grandmother, and recently, a great-grandmother. She likes to build dolls houses and miniatures for adults, and paints landscapes, and portraits, when not following her passion for writing. Spending so much time walking in the shoes of her characters, that she now walks around the house barefoot. Absent-minded most of the time; she needs three pairs of glasses when writing.
One pair for long sight, one pair for short sight, and the third pair to look for the other two.
She is currently plotting a sequel to 'Abbeville' which she hopes will give the readers as much enjoyment as she gets whilst writing it; and wishes her readers, a long, happy, and healthy life.

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Book Trailer For Abbeville

Hello Ladies and Gents.
Please allow your fingers to flow over your keyboard and discover the new trailer for my book: The Devil Came to Abbeville.  Please take your time to watch it and share with all your like minded fellows.
Many thanks Marian.

The Devil Came to Abbeville is available from Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Waterstones and WHSmiths. For more news and updates follow me on Twitter @marian_phair

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

The Devil Came to Abbeville - Released!

Hello Ladies and Gents,

It has been a while and I apologise for the lack of updates but as you all know life doesn't stop! The last few months have been a roller-coaster but finally hitting the slow lane to start work on future projects.

The Devil Came to Abbeville - my latest book has been out since Christmas though it has been a tough ride to get to this point.

The Devil came to Abbeville is an engaging thriller about a vigilante serial killer. St in Abbeville in the modern age a town where dreams and reality end - nightmares come true!

From the book:

"One morning in May, a young girl covered in blood, staggered from a park and died in the arms of a priest.
For DCI Jake Fletcher and his team, this was just the first a series of murders, with seemingly no connection. Then a white rose was discovered on the body of a victim, and again on the next. As the bodies begin to pile up in the mortuary the DCI enlists the help of a retired Criminal Profiler, Scott Holden, on vacation from the U.S.A.
Before long it becomes clear that there is more than one killer out there. The profiler knows the White Rose is the signature of a different killer.
Somewhere out there is a vigilante, and he's Hunting!"
The Devil Came to Abbeville is available in both paperback and e-book from Amazon UK and US, and Waterstones, ebook on Sainsbury's  and also available to buy from Barnes and Noble for my American friends.
Locally the Book is available to buy from WHSmiths in Rugby.
Buy Abbeville now:
Check out the reviews and find out for yourselves what The Devil Came to Abbeville means to you.
Many thanks to all of you for your support.
Marian Phair

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Love to read? Why not curl up with "Shattered Lives" By Marian Phair. Interested? Read more below now!

My books deal with tough themes. It is Adult Fiction which is loosely based on facts, and personal experience:
"Shattered Lives" contains sex and violence, religion and betrayal and underpinning it all; a love story.

Amie.. Is the heroine of the story. A tragic orphan, betrayed by her lover, and left homeless and pregnant.

Melissa... A glamourous actress, who hides sordid secrets.

Millie... Melissa's maid, brutally raped.

Sister Bridget... Abused from childhood, and disfigured by her own mother's hand.

Dr. Samuel Morrison... The doctor who lost sight of The Hipppocratic Oath, long ago.

Their paths cross, and their lives intertwine with disastrous consequences.

The book was released on the 6th of October 2011 and has since gone from strength to strength, it continues to recieve 5* ratings from all those whom have read it and have been kind enough to leave reviews.
Available at all good bookstores, worldwide including Barnes & Noble; also available either paper back or e-book via; WhSmith and Waterstones.