Saturday, 13 September 2014


Marian lives with her partner in England. Born and raised in the small market town of Lutterworth, which has its own claim to fame. She is the eldest of six children and the only girl. 
A 'Jack of all trades' and master of none. Into arts and crafts. (She really is Artful and Crafty).
A mother, grandmother, and recently, a great-grandmother. She likes to build dolls houses and miniatures for adults, and paints landscapes, and portraits, when not following her passion for writing. Spending so much time walking in the shoes of her characters, that she now walks around the house barefoot. Absent-minded most of the time; she needs three pairs of glasses when writing.
One pair for long sight, one pair for short sight, and the third pair to look for the other two.
She is currently plotting a sequel to 'Abbeville' which she hopes will give the readers as much enjoyment as she gets whilst writing it; and wishes her readers, a long, happy, and healthy life.

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